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Backup lights that is.  My backup lights were flickering and then stopped working.  When I had the 5 speed installed, Ken used my existing switch so this could be a very old switch.  Checked the power at the bulbs. No power.  Then checked the wiring by completing the circuit and jumping the wires and the lights worked.  This led me to the switch.  On the Getrag 245 5 speed transmission the reverse switch is on top and near the front of the transmission.  On other transmissions it may be somewhere else.  The switch can be seen from the engine bay on top of the transmission.  

Reverse Light Switch visible from the engine bay.

Called Mesa Performance in Costa Mesa and they had a switch in stock for the Getrag 245 transmission.  $9 later I was on my way home.  I got a 19mm wrench on it and got it loose and my hands were juuuuuust small enough to remove the old switch, install the new one, tighten it and connect the two wires.  Bingo!!!  Backup Lights Working!!!   A 10 minute job total.  


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