Interior Heater control lights fixed!

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Here is something again that has never worked since I got the car. The heater control lights. During the day it’s easy to see but at night, well it was impossible to see the controls because the dash lights were not working. I’m starting to get pretty good at diagnosing and tracking down the problems! So I grabbed my digital multimeter. Tested the sockets. No juice. Went under the dash and tested the connector that connects to the heater controls. No juice. Then I worked my way back from the connector and BAM! There was a break in the wire. Then I looked in the area and found the other end. I spliced in a new section of wire and bingo! I had lights to the heater controls as well as lighting up the hazard switch at night. I then wrapped the entire section in electrical tape to protect it from being cut again. I think it got caught in the heater control levers and it severed the cable. It may seem simple but all these little things add up and make the car that much more driveable on a daily basis. On to the next job!

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