Suspension Rehab Pt 2! Poly bushings installed!

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Went back into the suspension and did the control arm bushings as well as the radius arm bushings in poly.  Got the kit form Ireland and it includes grease.  Last week I replaced just my disintegrated drivers side radius rod bushing.  I posted up a question on the 2002 FAQ on the easiest way to remove the old bushings which were worn but still in decent shape (so I thought) so they were not coming out easily.  I also gave Ken Blasko a call and between everyone on the FAQ that gave me advice and Ken the job could not have been easier!  Once the wheel is off and the car is on jack stands, I undid the radius rod bolts and the bolt holding the control arm to the subframe.  Then I undid the sway bar drop links.  BAM.  4 bolts per side.  You can wiggle the radius rod free and the control arm free.  The control arm is still attached on one side to the ball joint, but it swings around freely.  So with the advice I got on the 2002 FAQ, I used a hand held propane torch I had from home depot to heat up the metal insert of the bushing, NOT the rubber bushing itself.  After about a minute you can see the rubber around the metal insert starting to melt the bushing, then I used a socket extension to pull the insert out and it pulls out clean.  Once thats out a screwdriver will push the bushing out.  The passenger side took about 20 or 30 minutes to get the technique down.  When I did the drivers side removing the bushings took about 5 minutes and the whole job took about 20 minutes,  Super simple!  I can’t believe I have been putting this job off for the last few years.  The result is SUPER direct steering feel, no strange noises or squeaks, no vibrations on braking, a general SOLID feeling and My BBS RZs and 195/60/14s no longer rub at full lock.

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