Waxed! Next up….Interior!

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The car is running perfect. No issues at all at this point. Turns out the starter wasnt replaced and its doing the same thing it used to. Slow turn over after the car is warmed up. So I will be slapping in a brand new M3 starter in it. I guess I can put an “M” badge on it then as it will officially have a BMW “M” starter…lol. Check the gallery section for a few new pics. I had the car waxed and it cleans up pretty well. I am sold on the ride height. Its about perfect. The car runs great, handles great and stops wonderfully…its time to take it to the canyons! I was wondering about the exhaust and if it was too loud…well I have gotten used to it, so it either mellowed out a bit, or I have grown accustomed to it, because now I think its perfect. Here is the exterior as it is today. Now is time to move on to the interior. I will be finally picking up those factory BMW Recaro seats soon and probably moving on to a nice new carpet kit. Then maybe some audio work as well? Oh and headlinder and new sunroof panel. I will also begin to clean the engine bay, sand down a few minor rust spots and repaint the bay. Cover and route the wires neatly and maybe do the strut braces….also move the battery to the trunk, rear strut braces, and install the angel eyes my buddy gave me! So I have a full list of things to do, but she brings a smile to my face everytime I drive her….I am officially having fun now!

D7X_4363 D7X_4333 D7X_4163 D7X_4447 D7X_4419 D7X_4531 D7X_4472 D7X_4476 D7X_4505 D7X_4380 D7X_4535

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