Engine Install…Pt. 3 ITS ALIVE!!!!!

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New Engine

Picked the car up last week and have spent the last 4 days driving it as much as i can. Went to the Long Beach Gran Prix in it and generally drove it all around town. WOW….what a fun car. The car runs wonderful. Good power…very responsive engine. Power in all gears and all the way up to 6500 RPM redline. Exhaust tone is deep and at idle or cruising is not too loud at all…but jump on the throttle and the beast comes out. It roars. I feel like the rebel houligan that is bucking the establishment by having a car so low and so loud…then I speed by and smile. Oh and it corners well too! I am very impressed with this little car mechanically. now its time to clean up the details….paint the engine bay….new carpet seats and headliner…maybe add a stereo…oh and lets not forget the 5 speed. At 80 mph I am about 4k rpm…so I wanna bring those down a bit. All in all though I am VERY happy. The total replaced in the car was…Engine, transmission, clutch, transmission mounts, motor mounts, starter, Tii distributor, headers, exhaust, carb and intake manifold. This also includes all belts, hoses, clamps and fluids. 2 days after I got it back the temp gauge stopped working so I replaced the water temp sending unit…it was the problem. So its running like a champ….all gauges and lights work….suspension is done, and the exterior is in good shape for now. So I am going to do the 5 speed and interior. Next up Recaro seats, and carpet kit. Oh and it was kinda warm today….gotta fix the heater box…hot air coming through the vents.


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