Engine Install…Pt. 2

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The car has been gone for over 2 weeks now. The engine was in and the holdup was the exhaust. I planned on using the original 2002 exhaust for the sake of costs but that woould work with the headers I used. So I had to wait a fe days until the new exhaust arrived. Once I delivered it to the shop, it took them a few days to get it into the car. So now the car is done and ready, and tuned….I just have yet to pick it up. Its Saturday now…I plan on getting it this week. Monday I hope! I will FINALLY feel what this car is capable of. The new engine has upgraded performance, A Tii mechanical advance distributor with electronic ignition upgrade, 9.5:1 High compression pistons, a 284 degree cam a 38/38 dual downdraft carb and a 4 into 1 header and free flowing exhaust. A stock 2 liter 2002 engine puts out about 100 HP…I hope to be closer to 140 with this setup. A nice performance boost, without compromising the driveability. Add in the light weight of the 2002 and you get a FUN car to drive….I cant wait to take it into the canyons for its maiden run!

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