Engine Install…Pt. 1?????

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The car has been at the installers shop for about 5 days now. Everyday seems to be a new problem.
Day 1, The starter is bad….need a new starter. Day 2, the original Weber 32/36 on the car is a bit small for the new motor. So we throw in a new Weber 38/38 and manifold for it. Day 4, the transmission in the car is so bad he doesnt suggest a rebuild of it. So he will throw in a working 4 speed for next to nothing. We talked 5 speed but that would add another $1500 to the bill and he would rather get it all up and running properly before doing a 5 speed. He said he would buy that 4 speed back from me when I do the 5 speed so that will be a good deal. Oh and ALL belts and hoses need replacing. So all in all it will come back with a new engine, transmission, starter, distributor, exhaust, carb, intake manifold, clutch, driveshaft coupler, motor mounts and transmission mounts. Before it went in I installed the upper spring pads and brought the back up just a tad….Its near perfect…now do I want the front down more? Hmmmmm…….maybe I just need a bigger engine…lol.

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