Rear Suspension done…Too Low????

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Well after the front suspension saga, I was a bit hesitant to tackle the rears so quick. Well it was a piece of cake! All went VERY well and in a few hours, my rear suspension was done! Now I look at it and is it a bit too low in the back? I think it may be…no worries, I will install the spring pads in the rear and that should raise it about a half an inch or so…..the ride is firm, yet not harsh at all, and the cornering is amazing. Before it felt like a huge boat and not very stable…now it just wants to corner! It just needs to go a bit faster…lol…well since the new engine goes in soon, that will not be a problem….all in all I am very pleased with the car so far. The new ride height and the BBS rims that are on it now have transformed the car completely. The exterior is pretty much done for now…and when the engine goes in, the mechanicals will be to…the next step after that will be the interior…New carpets, seats, headliner and stereo…..the little car is starting to shape up!

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