Road Trip! Highway 1!

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So the past few months have been nothing but updates to the car…well I felt it was time for a little fun! I was going to visit my sister in Northern California and instead of taking the boring, direct route through the central part of California, I decided to take the long, roundabout yet scenic route. I had never traveled this route so I was pretty excited to get the car out on the road as well as take some amazing shots. Well I was not disappointed. Firs, the drive is amazing…absolutely wonderful roads that were made for a sports car. Long sweeping turns mixed with hairpins and esses and then throw in a few long straights just for fun! Then look up and see some of the most amazing views and scenery you have ever seen. This was almost life altering! Yes it was that amazing. My normal trip up north takes about 5-6 hours. This drive took me 10! How did the car run? PERFECT! Not a hiccup. The only issue was the engine temperature, which wasnt an issue at all. For a few months now I have suspected that my radiator was not operating up to spec. Thats another reason I took the coast. Its the middle of summer and a hot day in the Central Valley can get over 100 degrees. The coast would be 20 degrees cooler, and alot easier on a car with a suspect radiator. Turns out I had nothing to worry about, the car ran perfect, I just kept it under 90 to make sure..haha. So here are some pics from the trip, and I am adding a complete gallery as well. Enjoy…and if you are EVER going on a road trip up or down california…please consider Highway 1….its truly an amazing road.


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