Speedometer Cable Replaced!

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I ordered a new Speedo cable from Ireland Engineering.  I ordered a 5 speed cable so when I do the 5 speed swap I will already have the appropriate cable.  They have them custom made.  The 1976 comes with a 2 piece cable system with a box in the middle.  This is a mileage counter for the EGR smog system and the check reactor light on the dash.  My EGR system has been removed so no need for the 2 piece cable and the box.  The process was fairly straightforward.  Get the car up in the air and SAFELY on jack stands.  Being under the car freaks me out…so I used a number of jack stands and kept the floor jack under the car as well just in case.  Once under the car, I pulled back the metal tabs holding the cable next to the body and was able to pull the broken piece from under the car.  The other end inside the car I yanked and it came through the firewall.  The new cable snaked down and I put it through the tabs.  The end that goes in the transmission I had to wiggle around a bit to get it to fully seat.  Once I did that it was lowering the car, and then attaching it to the rear of the instrument cluster. All in all it was about a 30 minute fix and now I’m back to knowing how fast I’m driving!  As a bonus the needle on the speedo is nice and smooth, not jerky at all. At some point I may try and remove the EGR counter box altogether but for now it’s still there just not connected to anything.

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