Xmas from the Netherlands!  123Tune Bluetooth Distributor!!!

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This is a VERY cool piece of equipment. It’s a programmable electronic distributor. It replaces the stock distributor and points system which can get wobbly and inaccurate with a highly accurate hotter spark and more efficient system. The cool thing about this is that you can program custom advance curves into it so you can really dial in the best advance curve for your particular engine. Now that in itself is very cool, but now this particular model has a Bluetooth connection so I can use an iPhone or iPad to wirelessly program the advance curves. Without even plugging anything into the car I can simply open an iPhone app, adjust the curves and then download them to the distributor!  Instant tuning!  This unit isn’t available to the market yet but I have been in touch with the manufacturer and got a hold of an advance production unit for evaluation!

Initial thoughts:

Build quality is amazing. This is a very well manufactured piece of equipment. The workmanship is amazing. It’s SOLID!!


Stay tuned for the full install and details!



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