Stereo Install Pt 1

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The audio system in this car is atrocious! Horrible. When I bought it, it had a non working Sony head unit that flashed multicolored lights. No sound except occasional bursts of static. It had 6.5” Eclipse coax speakers in the doors. One worked the other one did not. The one working speaker had holes in the woofer…so I imagine the sound quality is not ideal. I left it alone for 9 months…the sound of the motor was music to my ears…but I decided that tunes int he car, especially on trips longer than a few minutes, was important. Besided, I plan on this car being a Road Warrior and doing a few road trips so I set ou to update the electronics. One problem is that with old cars, they are not designed to power lots of modern devices…no sweat, my baby has been upgraded with a modern 80 amp alternator. So it will handle some nice audio bits. The other side to this si I DONT want it broken into, and I DONT want an aftermarket alarm that will go off all the time for no reason, or not go off when I am being robbed, so how do I have Navigation, Sirius/XM Radio, Thousands of songs from an MP3 player, and have it not get stolen….iPhone! All of those things are indeed capable with the iPhone. So all I need is a head unit that will provide an aux input for the iPod. I decided the Nakamichi head unit was the nicest of the bunch. Excellent sound quality, lots of features, like aux ins and sub outs, and it looked modest and elegant. No flashing lights or lcd screens. Perfect!




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