The 02 and Edd China from Wheeler Dealers!

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This was somewhat of a dream come true. I was running some errands and walking into a local grocery store when I look up and see someone very familiar. Someone I have been watching on my TV for years. Edd China. This guys had been an inspiration for me doing a lot of work on the car myself and if you follow my blog you know I have mentioned him a number of times. I had to say hello and what a nice guy. He noticed I drove up in the 2002 and said it sounded healthy. After a few moments he offered to take a few pics by the car! He was pretty familiar with 02s because he just finished restoring a 74 Fjord blue Tii which sold in the $40k price range! Nice to meet someone like that and be able to chat for a few about these cars we love! Cheers Edd China !!!!

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    1. Yes, he said that they are splitting time between SoCal and the UK. The season they just finished that takes place in SoCal will air in the fall.

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