Fried Alternator?

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So a few weeks back (a month ago exactly) I thought something went south when I jumpstarted my months in laws Camry.  I replaced the voltage regulator and there wasn’t much change.  I was just getting low voltage at idle and when the lights where on and electric fan kicked in it dropped the voltage by about 4 volts.  Today I was driving and the “L” dash light began flickering for a few minutes then went solid.  Hmm…ok so I rushed back home and took a look.  I began to check the connections on the back of the alternator and they were all solid, but the rear of the alternator moved when wiggling the wires.  Then I hear and see sparks from the alternator.  I am guessing thats fried…here is some video….


Altenator from John Rhone on Vimeo.

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