What’s My Dream Car?

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I don’t hide the fact that I LOVE cars.  Someone asked me, “Whats your dream car?”.  I thought about it and I realized…I’m driving it!!  I have owned many many cars and of all the cars I have owned and the ones I have wanted, there literally isn’t another car I would want to drive on a daily basis other than a 2002.

For me, I want a car that I can drive daily, has classic style and looks, and is fun and reliable.  The bonus is that I can work on it.

So if I had to answer the question, what’s my dream car?

A BMW 2002. And even better a SECOND BMW 2002. So my dream car is a second BMW 2002, this time done in a more radical way…Turbo flares…16″ wheels…LOOOOOW….and something wild under the hood. The ultimate track day car or canyon carver. Something like this….

So if I FOUND a car at the right price, that I could do this to….I already have the plan and the build sheet done….stay tuned..(hint hint)

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