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So I’m at a drive-thru in the rain and I go to roll the window up and nothing. The handle free spins. No resistance. So I get home and I pull the door panel off to look at it and my hope is it’s a screw or something simple. Once I get into the door, I realize it’s the window regulator. Seems like it’s completely broken in one spot. Damn. Ok. What are my options?

New from the dealer:$350 each

Used:$75-150 each


What I found. Ireland Engineering has zinc plated refurbs for $225 a pair or $112 each.

So I made the drive to pick up the regulator and in 5 minutes the old one was out and in 5 minutes the new one was in…

The cool thing is once you have the door panel off, it’s three bolts that hold the regulator onto the door and it slides out from the connection to the window. Installation of the new one took minutes and was the reverse. I lubed up the new regulator with WD-40 brand lithium grease. I also lubed the window tracks as well to ensure smooth operation.

So while I’m in there….

My window had a slight gap when rolled up. Time to adjust it…but the more I look at it I think the door is slightly out of alignment. So loosen the door hinges and adjust the door.

Now that the door is adjusted properly, the latch on the car is too low and needs to be adjusted. Then maybe adjust the window frame as well. So after adjusting and readjusting these things, it now closes perfectly, the URO seal that I was not happy with seems like it fits much better. The door closes with very little effort and the window meets the seal at the top of the door and the lines match perfectly in the car.

Here are pics of the old window regulator and the new one.

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  1. Nice! Now I know where to get mine when this happens to me. Nice Move. I try to find new parts, that are still available when possible! It an over 40 year old car. It’s just a thing I do!

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