Front Bumper Conversion Pt. 1!

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So now that the rear bumper conversion is complete…now on to the front! This is going to be a bit more difficult. The problem is the European bumpers mount completely differently than the big US bumpers. The US bumpers mount on shocks and are mounted higher than the Euro bumpers that bolt to the frame. So if I wanted to use the Euro mounts, I’d have to cut the front of the car to allow for the brackets to bolt on at the correct height, then I would have to weld and patch the huge holes left for the old bumper shocks. So I am going to have to be a bit more creative. At this point I am not going to cut, patch and weld…so I am going to have to fabricate bumper mounts for the Euro bumper that will mount to the same location. The first part though is to remove the entire front bumper and see what I am working with. It call comes off fairly easily..2 bolts hole the hole thing to the frame, and 4 bolts hold the bumper to the shocks. One theory is to fabricate a mount for the Euro bumper to the US bumper shocks…then shorten the shocks by compressing them and mount to the original location.



After the bumper was removed and the area cleaned up…now was the time for some fabricating…that will have to wait until next week! So for now, this is the state of the car…no front bumper.



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