Front Bumper Conversion Pt. 2!

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Now we begin the finishing steps on the front bumper conversion. When I stopped I had made the bumper mounts for the original shocks. I made some measurements and had 2 options. Use the original shocks and compress them by removing the hydraulic fluid, and bolting them in a compressed state, OR buy pipes the same diameter, and cut them to the appropriate length then mount the bumper brackets to the pipes. I took the measurements and came up realized I needed to compress the shocks about 4.5-5 inches. The shocks would only compress 3 inches so I needed to go the pipe route.


No problem…I bought the 1.75” pipe from pep boys. They sell it as exhaust pipe. Bought 2 pieces, then drilled large enough bolt holes for the bumper brackets from the bumper shocks to be bolted onto the pipes. Now I cut the pipes to the appropriate lengths…then I marked where to drill the holes for the original bolts for the shocks to bolt the pipes to the frame. So basically replacing the shocks with shorter pipe using all the same mounting points. Once that was done then I bolted the bumper to the mounts and started to make sure it was fitting perfectly. It was! I used the old advice…Measure twice, cut once…Once that was done, I then mounted the bumper ends to the fenders and adjusted everything again. All in all it all lined up perfectly. The last step was to tighten all the bolts and finish it all up, put the battery back in which had to come out so I could access the bumper mounting bolt on the drivers side.


New bumper on the original shocks. Sticking out about 5 inches.


New pipe with the original brackets and aluminum mounts I fabricated to mount the smaller bumper to the original bumper brackets.


New bumpers mounted and secured.


All in all ALOT of work and fabricating. I think I have worn out the drill…time for a new one. It gives the car a much nicer and sleeker look…and it feels like I gained 25 HP…lol. Seriously, I did lose about 75 pounds off the extreme front and rear of the car which is the WORST place to put weight for handling. So it is a performance advantage not having the diving boards on the front and rear.







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