Let the Bodywork Begin!

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OK so I have done just about EVERYTHING to the car mechanically (5 speed will probably the last thing to go in) and its time to start on the bodywork! I was going to drop it off, and pick it up in a month all shiny and perfect but what fun is that? So I decided to get my hands dirty and do the bodywork myself. Disclaimer: I have NEVER done ANY bodywork in my life…I do watch Edd China do it on Wheeler Dealers though..lol. I wanted to start with the sunroof. There is a dent in it as if a baseball landed on it. I removed the roof, sanded it down to metal, filled the dent with bondo (first time using bondo!) and then sanded it down to a nice smooth finish and then primered the sunroof. Here are some pics. I am very pleased with the bondo…it took 2 applications…the first time was a bit shallow and I felt the dip still so I added more, and bam…I still need to deal with the deep sanding marks. I will address that this week and hit it with some Fjord blue I got from Paintscratch.com! If anyone has some tips or pointers I am all ears! I will now move to the peeling trunk lid which has a very small ding. Once I have my confidence from those 2, then its the wavy doors and dings in the quarter panels.


The dent

picture-2 (1) picture-1 (1)


Sunroof sanded dent taken down to the metal.

picture-3 (1)


First coat of sanded Bondo…can still feel the dent just a tad…

picture-4 (1)


Second coat of bondo

picture-5 (1)


Finished and primered

picture-6 (1) picture-3 picture-2 picture-1 picture-6

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