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This update is fairly small, but it made a HUGE difference to the car. When I bought the seats from a buddy of mine they had the correct seat adapters on them so they would bolt right up to my stock seat rails, but the adapters were painted bright red. In my desire to install them, I didn’t paint them first. So the project was to do a seat overhaul. The seats are in AMAZING condition having been recently completely recovered. The few small things that remained were a few knobs were missing, some of the original black paint was peeling off in some areas and was beginning to show slight surface rust and of course those red seat brackets. I ordered the new seat parts from Dave ar Aardvarc Racing in San Diego and the parts have been sitting in my garage for a few months. I pulled one seat at a time so I could still have a functional car if I needed. I pulled the passenger seat, which was actually the drivers seat, but I installed them backwards and never swapped them. Pulled the seat rails, sanded them, and primered them, then painted them satin black…once dry, I put them back on the seat. Then I sanded the leg bolster pull handle that was peeling. I then painted that primer black. Waited for that to dry, then pulled the drivers side seat out of the car, and put the newly reconditioned seat in the drivers side, then repeated for what was the passenger side…All in all a very easy job, but just a bit time consuming…total time was about 8 hours…mostly drying time for both sides since I did them separately…it would have taken half the time if I had yanked them both out at the same time.


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